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Hi there; it's awesome to meet you! 

I'm Suzy, a light worker who loves to share the stage to bring you information to guide you on your spiritual and healing journey. 


Woo Life International produces worldwide and localized events, workshops and retreats  (join our free Meetup group here)

We are a platform for spiritual seekers with events, classes and workshops, interesting information and a marketplace.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel  and have a look at some videos already posted. 

I've been teaching some spectacular workshops from town to town until mid March of this year... so now I have to get them available online.

For more info about me please visit


How to Feel Crystal Energy 

Beginner's Guide to Astrology  Learn about the moon and the nodes here

Tarot 101, Intermediate and Advanced

Intuitive development

The wonderful world of crystals

Energy healing


Cacao ceremony kit for one

Cacao ceremony kit for one including saging kit

Crystal Prescriptions is an offering where a grid is channeled and made for you.  email to inquire

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